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Birkenstein Financial

Two Areas of Insurance Planning

Birkenstein Financial helps high net worth families with personal life insurance planning. We also assist businesses with Health and Disability Insurance.


  • Businesses insurance planning.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Group Disability.
  • Life Insurance 1035 Exchanges.
  • Employee benefits - group disability, health insurance, life insurance.
Birkenstein Financial

An Independent Firm

We are an independent firm and not linked to one insurance company. As an independent insurance firm, we do not represent, nor do we have any obligation to, any one insurance carrier.

Instead, we represent our clients, acting as their professional buyers to the marketplace. This independence allows us to provide the most competitive and tailor-made products.

Why Choose Us

  • We focus on life insurance 1035 exchanges.
  • We have more than two decades of expertise in this industry.
  • We are proficient and guide you to the best insurance products at an affordable range.
  • We help high net worth families update their existing policies.
  • We assist businesses with group disability and health insurance.
Birkenstein Financial
Birkenstein Financial


....too my unpleasant surprise, the policies my trust had been paying into for years, were under-performing. If it wasn’t for Eric and his team, those policies would have terminated before I did, and I’d be scrambling for life insurance coverage. Instead, I now have policies with lower premiums that will last as long as I do.

Russell B.

Real Estate Executive

I was referred to Eric after having had a series of disappointing experiences with other agents. My disappointment in other agents stemmed from what I perceived, specifically in the life area, as inadequate knowledge of the products and complexity thereof, that they recommended. Eric immediately struck me as a person with deep knowledge of insurance from a career dedicated to that industry. He took the time to understand my needs and recommended a product in a 1035 exchange as a potential solution for my life insurance needs. It also served my Long-Term Care needs at the same time. What’s more is after the sale, Eric has taken the time to follow up with any information that he believes I might find helpful. Eric is not only knowledgeable and a true professional, but also genuine in his personality. I believe the industry needs more professionals like him!

Timothy M.

International Business Consultant

A different agent proposed a 1035 Exchange. I understood the concept, but was not completely comfortable. I asked Eric to take a second look. My wife and I quickly realized we could trust Eric and staff. Their process, oversight and knowledge gave me the confidence to do the exchange.

Steven G.

Owner of a Real Estate Management Company

My company had been with the same group Life and Disability Insurance company for a few years. Eric was able to reduce our cost for the same coverage by 49%. Birkenstein Financial has my recommendation and thanks.

Peter F.

Managing Director of a Successful Investment Management Firm

Not only did Eric's firm reduce our LTD, STD and Life plan costs by 30%, but we now have better coverage than before. There were policy exclusions that Eric pointed out. Now, they are covered. Plus, the benefit is tax free if my executives become disabled. I am convinced we are in good hands with Eric and his firm.

Steve F.

Principal of a comprehensive financial Planning company